Oldham Lighting - a name synonymous with style, value, innovation and attention to detail. Lighting technology may have changed but we have not. We are the company professional designers, lighting engineers, electrical contractors and clients ask for when it comes to lighting solutions. Our people are lighting people. Our products are contemporary. Oldham Lighting was formally part of Claudgen Ltd. The name Claudgen was derived from the inventor of neon, French engineer Georges Claude,  and the 'gen' of the General Electrical Company. Even in our early days we were known for innovation. Today Oldham Lighting is a leading supplier and installer of LED, cold cathode and fluorescent lighting.

In 2011 Oldham Lighting was restructured to become Oldham Lighting Projects Ltd and Oldham Lighting Projects International Ltd. We are still the same company with the same staff, technical knowledge, expertise and products that have made our reputation.

Oldham Lighting works with partners from every aspect of construction, manufacturing, design and installation. When leading architects have ideas in mind they talk to us. We make things happen and we showcase our talents and skills with yours. New technology is driving the industry forward and we work with aspiring lighting designers, young, gifted people who have an idea they want to see transformed into a bright reality.

Lighting is about the right products in the right environment. It's about working with people who understand your needs - people who have tackled some of the largest and most prestigious lighting jobs in the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide. Oldham Lighting is far more than a respected name in lighting. It's a company with a history that shows we know how to provide our clients with solutions that show their products and services in a good light. We may not the largest lighting company in the world, but we have a reputation that says we are hard to beat. Our work can be seen in many of the world's prestigious hotels, in airports and rail stations, in some of the largest shopping outlets in Europe and the Middle East. We have also put some of the most iconic monuments and engineering projects in a good light with our products.

With more than 25 years of working with architects, lighting designers, electrical contractors and clients behind us, we know what it takes to make a project come alive. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cold-cathode lighting we understand what it takes to put a project in a good light. Our track record in design, product manufacturing and lighting solutions is second to none; with selected partners we have created lighting solutions and installations that have won awards and showcased our capabilities worldwide. We work on both contemporary and traditional lighting projects and our promise is that your vision will be made to work by us.